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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dark and Adventurous - A Spine Chilling Book That Thrills to the End

Shadows Over a Hangman's Noose

by William Holland and Mike Friedman

This is the third book in The Shadows” series. I purchased Shadows Over a Hangman's Noose because I have read the author's other books in this series and I am a true fan of his writing style. The story concept is a little dark, but the characters are so captivating I had to keep reading to follow on their journey to solve the mystery of the degenerate criminal inflicting unspeakable acts on unsuspecting victims.

Evil lurks in every city, but the characters in Shadows Over a Hangman’s Noose are doing an excellent job to fight this evil to the best of their ability. I would not want to live their life, but I am glad there are people like them in the world.

If you like reading stories that illustrate intense battles between good and evil, then this page-turning thriller is for you.

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  1. I thank you so much, my friend. I'm so happy you enjoyed my little journey into the dark recesses of man's soul.